ASIC Design Services

The staff of Integre Technologies has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in a wide range of problem spaces, foundry processes, and tool flows with designs of all sizes and complexities. The Integre team can provide your complete turn-key solution front to back, or just a portion of that flow. As an independent design services company Integre is free to design for the foundry process that best suits your ASIC’s requirements. We will be your partner through the entire process as needed to ensure the project is a success. Integre’s ASIC Design Services include:

Design Specification

Integre will work with you to identify and document the ASIC requirements and how best to meet the cost, power and size objectives that drive all ASIC designs.

  • Design Specification
  • Functional Verification Specification
  • Manufacturing and Test Specification


  • Create Design Environment
  • Review / generate block specification
  • RTL Code generation – VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog
  • Design verification (See verification services)
  • ASIC test – DFT, Scan, BIST, ATPG


  • Define Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis (STA) constraints
  • Synthesis
  • Pre-route STA
  • Formal Verification (RTL vs Gate)

Physical Layout

  • Interface for Routing
  • STA
  • Design rule checks
  • Generate and submit design to foundry

Fabrication and Post-Fabrication Support

  • Track fabrication process
  • Post silicon validation