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IP Cores

Accelerate your project’s time to market by incorporating Integre FPGA IP cores. Integre provides integration and customization services to tailor our products to meet your unique requirements.

Board Level Products

Integre provides proven board level products based on industry standard and custom interfaces. Experts in high performance connectivity Integre solutions are ideal for prototype and production applications. The Integre team can customize any of our designs to exactly meet your product requirements.

FPGA Design Productivity Tools

Integre has developed a set of productivity tools geared to helping companies to efficiently develop and document FPGA designs. The tool suite is expected to launch in 2017 and will include:

RapidBench:  a testbench generation and productivity tool that allows engineers and engineering teams to rapidly generate all the files needed to create a testbench. Less time spent on bench creation means more time on verification helping to ensure your team is delivering a fully functional device.

Register Generator:   A productivity tool which can be used for RTL generation of register bank logic. This tool supports standard interfaces such as Avalon and AXI, and provides capabilities to implement a register bank based on any custom interface. As a user, you simply input your desired register names, addresses, bit-field mappings, and custom logic signal choices (enable/disable single clock pulses in the case of read/write to the particular register) and it provides full un-encrypted RTL source to implement the requested register interface. The tool supports both VHDL and Verilog RTL generation. The Register Generator also generates documentation based on the user register descriptions.

Contact Integre for details on the FPGA Design Productivity Tool Suite.