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Integre Technologies Announces HyperLink Connectivity Cards

HSMC and FMC Connectivity Cards allow for Rapid development of FPGA HyperLink Solutions

Rochester, NY – October 10, 2012 – Integre Technologies, a leading provider of FPGA and PCB engineering services and products, today announced release of the FMC-950 and HSMC-950 HyperLink Connectivity Cards. The HyperLink Connectivity Cards are designed to provide connectivity between HyperLink enabled Texas Instruments Incorporated’s (TI’s) multicore DSP Evaluation Modules (EVM) and Altera or Xilinx FPGA based development platforms.

The FMC-950 and HSMC-950 both provide HyperLink and Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Analog Front End (AFE) input connectivity. The FMC-950 supports an FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) interface, the HSMC-950 a High Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) interface. The AFE connections are specifically designed to adapt the physical electrical connections of up to two of the Texas Instruments AFE EVM’s such as the AFE5808EVM Ultrasound AFE board.

“I/O pin count is often a gating factor for FPGA design” states James Mooney, Integre Director of Sales and Marketing. “The HyperLink Connectivity cards, part of Integre’s High Speed SERDES product roadmap, when used in conjunction with the Integre IP-HyperLink FPGA core, provide a high speed, low pin count and low latency interface between the DSP and FPGA platforms.”

FMC (VITA 57) is a high performance I/O mezzanine module specification which addresses the need for improved front panel I/O functionality within embedded systems. FMC modules connect to 3U and 6U form factor cards including VME, VPX, REDU, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Express, Advanced TCA, AMC, PCI and PCI Express Carriers.

HSMC is an Altera Corporation defined specification which defines the electrical and mechanical properties of a high speed mezzanine card adapter interface for FPGA-based motherboards, allowing for the design of interoperable motherboards and add-on cards.

The FMC-950 and HSMC-950 Connectivity Cards are currently available. For more information on the Integre HyperLink Connectivity Cards contact

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Integre Technologies is an engineering services and product company specializing in digital design and verification. Integre’s capabilities include: FPGA and ASIC design and verification including multi-million gate SOC’s, Mixed Signal ASIC Design and Circuit Board Design and Layout. Integre delivers solutions to both the commercial and mil/aero/secure communities; and engineers ground, air and space based products. Integre is headquartered in Rochester, New York. For more information on Integre please visit our web site at

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