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HyperLink Analyzer Module


950-afe-usb-hzThe Hyperlink Analyzer is a development tool to ease Hyperlink system development efforts providing enhanced debug and diagnostic capabilities, as well as real-time monitoring of application performance. The HyperLink Analyzer provides the ability to read local HyperLink configuration registers and monitor HyperLink application performance in real-time. The HyperLink Analyzer Kit consists of a HyperLink evaluation core, HyperLink Analyzer Hardware Module, and PC software application which includes a graphical user interface.


  • General Purpose IO to control custom logic
  • Real-time monitoring of Application throughput
  • Real-time monitoring of core performance/Individual transaction performance
  • Provide mechanism to read all local Hyperlink configuration registers
  • Report link status
  • Real time plotting of HyperLink transactions

Evaluation Core and Sample Design

The HyperLink Analyzer Kit includes an enhanced evaluation core and sample design. The Hyperlink Analyzer core includes two additional blocks over the standard evaluation core, a core performance monitor block, and a USB interface block. The core performance monitor tracks aggregate and instantaneous HyperLink IP Core performance. The USB interface block facilitates communication with the FTDI transceiver located on the Integre HyperLink Analyzer Hardware Module (950-AFE-USB circuit board) which plugs onto the HyperLink Connectivity Card. The figure below shows a block diagram of the HyperLink IP Core with the HyperLink Analyzer add-on.

The HyperLink Analyzer and sample design include the following features:
  • Hyperlink master state machine which configures the HyperLink core and User Front End (AXI/DMA) registers
  • Write/Read data transfers mastered from the Hyperlink IP core via the User Front End (AXI/DMA) engine either:
    • With 950-PLUG-LB loop-back plug connected
    • With TI C667X DSP connected
  • Core speed = 3.125Gbps/lane (quad = 12.5Gbps)
  • Mechanism to reconfigure HyperLink Master Transaction Generation engine via HyperLink Analyzer general-purpose outputs
    • DMA Sample Design
      • Allows reconfiguration of the number of chains
      • Allows reconfiguration of the length of each chain (all enabled chains equal in length)
    • AXI Sample Design
      • Allows reconfiguration of the AXI burst length
  • Sample design maximizes HyperLink throughput
  • Coupled with the HyperLink Analyzer software, provides a mechanism to measure maximum core performance at any given DMA engine configuration


The HyperLink Analyzer Evaluation Kit includes the following:

  • HyperLink Analyzer Module
  • HyperLink Evaluation Core
  • PC GUI Application
  • HyperLink Analyzer USB Library
  • Example Usage Scripts
  • User Documentation

HyperLink Analyzer Kit Software

The Evaluation Kit is bundled with a Windows 7 PC software application which extends an easy to use graphical user interface. The GUI provides six real-time plots, as well as controls for specifying the desired periodic sample interval, system clock frequency, querying all HyperLink registers, and controlling the general purpose outputs and inputs. The HyperLink Analyzer GUI provides the following features:

  • Plot application aggregate performance periodically in real-time
  • User can set sample period
  • Plot Hyperlink core instantaneous performance (requested periodically) in real-time
    • Same sample period as user-set aggregate performance sample period
  • Read general-purpose inputs
  • Write general-purpose outputs
  • Read all HyperLink local configuration registers
    • GUI will display contents of each register field corresponding to the TI Keystone User Manual (sprugw8c)
  • Provide automated control/testing of the Integre Hyperlink analyzer sample designs
    • Automatically reconfigure AXI/DMA transaction generation to observe changes in aggregate and instantaneous throughput
Screenshot of Hyperlink Analyzer Main Panel


HyperLink Analyzer Kit Hardware

The Evaluation Kit includes a HyperLink Analyzer Hardware Module (950-AFE-USB) which plugs onto the Integretek HyperLink Connectivity Cards (FMC-950/951 or HSMC-950/951). The Module provides a USB connection between a Windows based PC and the HyperLink evaluation platform.

Register Display Panel