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Integre Technologies Announces FPGA Cores for Imaging Applications

Camera Link® Data Processing Core and Power Over Camera Link Core Accelerate FPGA Imaging Designs

Rochester, NY – June 7, 2011 – Integre Technologies a leading provider of FPGA Engineering services and products today announced the release of two new imaging FPGA cores. The IP-CamLink Camera Link® Data Processor core and IP-PoCL Power Over Camera Link core are available for both Altera and Xilinx device families.

The IP-CamLink core is an end to end frame grabber solution for Camera Link processing of image data and image enables that are deserialized from Channel Link interfaces. The imaging core supports Base, Medium, Full and Extended configurations. The fully synchronous pipeline architecture supports high speed implementation in low cost logic devices.

The IP-PoCL core implements the Safe Power protocol for switchable Power Over Camera Link (PoCL) framegrabbers. It provides parameterized delay control of frame grabber power switches and other circuitry used for PoCL camera detection and Safe Power application.

“Having developed a wide range of imaging and vision applications, ranging from hand held consumer devices to space based imaging solutions, we see cameras becoming a part of a very broad base of products” states James Mooney, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our new imaging cores allow product development organizations to rapidly develop camera based applications.”

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